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The Island

About Leisure Island


The Island is flat and around 4km in circumference, it is offers amazing hard sea sand ‘flats’ at low tide and is surrounded by water at high tides. This means wonderful recreation opportunities can be planned around incoming and outgoing tides. To crib a local adage, “the Island is so special that even the tide visits it twice a day!”


The water is never far away, in fact, the Island even floats on a ‘lens’ of fresh water! The scenery changes with these tides to add a special charm to Island life.


For people with young families there is always lots for children to do, from building sand castles and swimming to boating, sailing, wind-surfing and fishing.


Then there is walking, jogging or cycling in and around the Island. One never tires of exploring the maze of little lanes, lovely gardens, plentiful birdlife and also meeting friendly people. It also boasts convenient amenities that include bowling greens, tennis courts, a library, an excellent restaurant, coffee shop and a unique art gallery-cum-antique shop!


Leisure Island enjoys a very temperate climate with the waterfront areas slightly cooler than the interior.


The Leisure Island Residents Association (LIRA) introduced a 24-hour security patrol for a realistic monthly fee and the Island has always been a safe place to live.


Those of us who live here feel truly privileged to enjoy this relaxed and unique lifestyle in a gentle climate, surrounded by natural beauty and endless recreation possibilities on our doorstep! Our community is friendly, caring and ‘old-fashioned’ in the true sense of the word. This is community living at its best! Browse through our website and explore the fascinating aspects of Leisure Island right now.